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Transform your life and discover your greatness with Mid-Life Transformation Coaching.

My Mission

I help men 40+ navigate the challenges of transition after divorce or life change + empower them to transform themselves so they can thrive in their Second Act of Life!

Our Mid-Life Stage

Many individuals face personal doubt and emotional turmoil during their 40s and beyond. This is especially true after the end of one’s marriage or a life-changing crisis. This phase often involves a deep re-evaluation of one’s life, goals, and achievements, leading to significant career, relationship, and lifestyle changes. It’s a challenging time, but it also presents an opportunity for growth, self-discovery, and renewed purpose.

Why work with Ed

A mid-life transformation is an empowering journey of self-discovery and renewal. After enduring such a challenging ordeal, the transformative process, led by you and guided by Ed, allows you to embrace your life with confidence and purpose. It also opens up a world of possibilities and potential!

Meet Ed


  • Over 30 years of experience and leadership as a corporate, academic, government, and business leader.
  • Professor at several leading Universities
  • Holds a Doctor of Philosophy, Master of Business Administration, and Bachelor’s Degree
  • Completed academic studies with Harvard University, University of Notre Dame, Columbia Business School, Rutgers University, and Imperial College, London
  • Competitive Master’s Bodybuilder
  • Father of two wonderful daughters, enjoys travel, writing, and is an avid informational junkie.


  • Transformation Coach; Universal Coach Institute
  • Life Coach; Universal Coach Institute
  • Accredited Professional Relationship Coach; Haldene
  • Business and Personal Life Strategies Coach, The Spencer Institute
  • Solutions Focused Coach, Universal Coach Institute
  • Personal Fitness Trainer; AAAI/ISMA
  • Life Wellness/ Holistic Health Coach; AAAI/ISMA
  • Sports Nutrition Consultant; AAAI/ISMA

Transformation after a crisis is the art of turning pain into power, challenges into opportunities, and emerging stronger, wiser, and more resilient than before.

Ed Haberek


higher the death rate of divorced men compared to married men (Source: Men’s Health)


higher suicide rate of divorced men compared to married men (Source: NIH)


Increase in divorce rate among people aged 50 and older in the past 20 years (Source: Bowling Green State University)

Welcome! I’m Ed

I founded this community after undergoing a profound mid-life transformation myself. I wanted to create a space where men could discuss the big aspects of life together, focusing on personal growth and support. Here, we explore the dynamics of physical health, emotional well-being, relationships, careers, sexuality, spirituality, and more as we navigate our lives after divorce and crisis in our later years.

My role is to guide you in embracing and owning your ‘Second Act’ in life in a powerful and tangible way. I encourage you to define success on your own terms, practice self-compassion, and always remember that you are enough—whole and capable.

I achieve this by sharing my personal experiences in real-time, offering coaching and resources, and providing valuable insights.


Here’s Where Ed Stands Out

Together, we will build a future that aligns with your true potential and aspirations.

Mid Life Mastery

Mid-life Mastery is a unique 12-week coaching program that combines inquiry, self-assessment, and transformative learning. Its goal is to establish a baseline for one’s current state and understand one’s feelings about oneself and one’s life, setting it apart from other coaching programs.

1 on 1 Coaching

Ready to take control of your “Second Act”? Discover the power of personalized, one-on-one mid-life coaching with me. Together, we’ll navigate your goals, redefine success on your terms, and unlock your full potential.

Creating a Brand for Your Business

Grab Ed’s free checklist to start to reinvent yourself today!

Your journey to a brighter, more empowered future begins now.

Navigating life after a divorce or significant crisis can be incredibly challenging, especially for men who often feel the pressure to maintain a strong exterior. It’s common to feel lost, overwhelmed, and uncertain about the future during this time. Transformation coaching offers a supportive and empowering space to address these challenges head-on. Let’s work together to turn this difficult chapter into an opportunity for profound growth and a fresh start.

You have the potential to turn this challenging period into a powerful opportunity for growth and transformation. We will explore strategies to enhance your personal and professional life, ensuring you emerge from this experience not just as a survivor but as a thriver. It’s time to take control of your narrative and build a fulfilling, balanced life that aligns with your true self. Start your transformation journey today and discover the empowered future that awaits you, where you are in the driver’s seat of your life.


See what everyone is saying about Ed!

“One of the very BEST I’ve ever worked with!”

Ed has the unique ability to FOLLOW through whatever his goals are. His positivity on his daily rituals put him at the very top of people on this PLANET, when it comes to getting things done

-Frankie Rongo AAU World Powerlifting Champion NPF-Pro Masters Physique competitor 40 year trainer with ACE

“Ed has the unique understanding of goals and clarity”

One of Ed’s biggest strengths is his ability to see the long-term approach to goals by understanding individuals’ needs and desires. His insightful guidance helps individuals gain clarity and develop actionable steps to achieve them.

-Dr. Darrell Burrell

“I believe Ed’s strength is that he listens”

The ability to really listen and then develop a strategy to help is a huge strength. This is something that sets him apart from many others

    -Dr. Maelyn Zwebwn Lessard

    “One of the many unique abilities of Dr. Haberek is his sense of determination”

    His indomitable spirit, combined with an aptitude for problem-solving and out-of-the-box thinking, has helped him achieve amazing feats in and out of the workplace. His knack for success is due not only to his intelligence but also to his boundless energy when tackling difficult tasks is unparalleled and highly respected.

    -Dr. Pamela Gurley, D.M.
    CEO, Clark and Hill Enterprise

    “Ed Has the ability to connect with anyone, it doesn’t matter who you are. Ed is the guy! “

    If there is anyone with the definition of ambitious, that would be Ed Haberek.
    From self-development to helping build a business from scratch, he is driven to succeed in life. There are the thinkers and then the doers. Ed is both.

    -Lydia Grace

    “Experienced, professional, personable, driven, and passionate”

    Has a unique ability to connect with anyone no matter who they are and make them feel comfortable. He also has the unique ability to adapt and evolve so that he can make others successful. Ed always wants to work with others and help them succeed .

    -CJ Sizemore

    Take the first step toward transforming your life. Get started now with my Mid-Life Mastery program and achieve the empowerment you deserve. Let’s thrive together in the “Second Act” of your life!